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Thorough leak detection

If you suspect you have a leak, you'll want to get help quickly to avoid a much bigger problem. Get in touch with Fritz Baumann & Sons, Inc today and let us put our expertise to use for you. You'll enjoy competitive pricing and high-quality service when you choose us.

  • Water leaks

  • Drain, waste and vent leaks

  • Natural gas leaks

  • Water service line leaks

  • Plumbing fixture leaks

What do we check for?

  • Water bills that seem unusually high

  • Sewer backup problems that become chronic

  • Running toilets and dripping faucets or water sounds when nothing is in use

  • Spongy, soft or discolored walls

  • Musty odors from floors, walls near drains or sewers

  • Cracked or unusually damp foundation or slab

  • Warm areas on concrete floors, mildew or excessive moisture in carpets

  • In the yard, particularly wet or moist areas that aren’t unusually wet or moist

  • In the yard, very healthy or unusual plant or grass growth in a particular area

Signs you may have a leak

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We have been a family owned and operated business since 1939.  Over 4 generations of the Baumann family have proudly

serviced the Central Ohio area.  We have over 79 years of plumbing experience and are licensed, insured and bonded for your protection.